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Corporate downsizing, business closures, consolidations, and government belt-tightening, all add up to a very difficult period for friends, family and neighbors. Unemployment can be a very anxious and frustrating time.

Whether unemployed and looking for a job, trying to get a new business off the ground, or just re-assessing a current situation, career path, or professional goal, too often individuals have to go through the experience alone.

Clearly, there is a need for an affordable organization designed to assist job-hunters and new business entrepreneurs with the task of navigating through this complicated world. Barn Raising™ is a new model that is particularly suited to helping people "jump-start" their careers. It takes "networking" - the buzz word for the 21st century - to the next level.

BarnRaising.Org is an affordable, nationally recognized organization that assists individuals in navigating through the complicated world of the job search or new business experience. Our services offer an exciting program for Barn Raising™ participants.

Everyone is invited to be part of the Barn Raising™ family – companies, sponsors, host sites, community and business leaders, individuals, colleges, career centers, non-profits and for-profits.

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Now, join the Barn Raising movement – people helping people.

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