Barn Raising™ as an Outplacement Alternative    

Barn Raising™ is an effective, affordable alternative to traditional outplacement services.  Corporations may sponsor an individual through a Barn Raising™ or may sponsor groups when there is, for instance, a major lay-off. 

Barn Raising™ got its start providing services to government agencies, college alumni, and career centers.   It is now available to help individuals who are separating from their companies.

Because we value the importance of offering an outplacement service to everyone, Barn Raising™ will provide its program at a very affordable price. 

Contact us with any questions, to schedule the seven step program, or to customize a program that is right for your company or organization.

Partner with Barn Raising™ – Become a Sponsor

Barn Raising™ is a community-based, nationally recognized non-profit organization that helps people during a very difficult time in their lives – a career transition. 

Large companies and local businesses are partnering with Barn Raising™ to help these people as they try to find their new jobs or start a new business. 

The business community is getting behind Barn Raising™ and helping to make the Barn Raising™ activities successful by engaging the entire community.

We thank our current sponsors and welcome new corporate sponsors to contact us to become part of the Barn Raising™ family of contributors.


Barn Raising™ works with high caliber unemployed people every day.  As part of our service, we offer top candidates to companies at no charge.

If you or your company would like to be contacted when we have an appropriate candidate for an open position, please provide us with the minimum contact information on our Company Form

We will contact you when we have an appropriate candidate.  Thank you.


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