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Let’s face it, job seeking is too often a lonely endeavor littered with rejection and too much conflicting information.  Even the brightest and best can lose focus, motivation and self-confidence.  Barn Raising™ is specifically designed to address these job-search challenges while helping participants gain the skills needed to obtain a new position as quickly as possible.   After all, no one wants to make a career out of looking for work.  Barn Raising™ applies these same principles to helping new entrepreneurs.

How Does It Work?
The basic concept for Barn Raising™ is to focus on an individual by involving other job seekers and the community in sharing their skills, business savvy, and contacts to help participants find work.  It is designed to jump-start a job search by providing personal and actionable information for each job-seeker and new entrepreneur. See the information about our seven-step process.

How Do I Begin?  
Barn Raising™ groups are being scheduled every month.  Review the next section to learn how to join an already existing group, or to learn how you can request that your employer or organization sponsor a group in your area.

In addition, Barn Raising™ offers individuals everywhere, on a limited basis, the opportunity to take advantage of our career services, such as:  One-on-one AssistanceSM and Third Party MarketingSMContact us to find an option that is right for you.

How Do I Join a Barn Raising™ Group?  
There are two ways

  • Any individual can pre-register to participate in a Barn Raising™ program.  Whatever your level or type of job, we have a group for you.  You can get into a Barn Raising™ program faster if there is a group scheduled in your geographic region.  Check our list of upcoming groups to see if there is one near you.
  • Alternatively, organizations like colleges, career centers, churches, government agencies, companies, and non-profit organizations often sponsor groups.  If your company or organization would like to become a sponsor or host site, check our page for starting a group.

BarnRaising.Org is a nationally recognized, non-profit organization designed for individuals who are looking for employment or interested in starting a new business. For a brief description of each of the steps in the BarnRaising.Org process, please go to Services.

How Big is a Barn Raising™ Group?  
Usually 15 people; however, some groups may be smaller while others could be larger.  The size of a group can be customized to meet the needs of a company or organization interested in starting or hosting a new group.  
What is My Commitment?  

The 5 step full-day program usually begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m.  The 7 step program usually takes two weeks from Initial Intake through the Barn Raising Event/Reception.  Please note that this schedule is often customized to meet the needs of particular groups.  For anyone needing individual assistance, offers personalized career services, including One-on-one Professional Assistance; Third Party Marketing; Personal Boards; and more.  Register now for a group program; or Contact us for personal assistance.

Is There A Charge for the Program?  
Yes, there is a minimal charge for the Barn Raising program.   However, in many cases, the cost is partially or wholly underwritten by grants, donations, or sponsors, depending upon your circumstances. When you pre-register for a Barn Raising™ program, we will discuss available opportunities with you.

If you would like us to talk to your employer or group about becoming a Barn Raising™ sponsor, fill out this form.

Can I Get One-on-one Professional Assistance?  
Yes, individual coaching is available on a very limited basis.  Contact us right away to take advantage of any of our services.

Iindividuals can also take advantage of our Third Party MarketingSM.  Third Party MarketingSM is an innovative part of the Barn RaisingTM program.  It is the inverse of professional staff recruiting.  However, it follows the same methodology.  Rather than a company calling you regarding an available position, a professional calls into a company on your behalf to present some of your best professional highlights.  Contact us right away to take advantage of this introductory service. 

How Do I Get Started?  
Barn Raising™ is a growing organization.  Contact us to learn more or to start moving ahead right away.  

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