By participating in the BarnRaising.Org program, no one is alone and the goal is continually on improving skills and instilling confidence in individuals toward finding employment or starting a new business.  By working together in a group setting or individually, and engaging the community, success is only a matter of time.  The following innovative seven steps make up the Barn Raising program.
Intake MeetingSM
In this first step, Barn Raising helps participants gather and organize information, identify their skills and objectives, and begin to develop a customized plan to move forward.


  • Complete a Personal Data SheetSM
  • Submit a resume or vita
  • Identify individual's goals
  • Connect with others
Research PartnersSM
Barn Raising teams you up with others in the group. You will help each other to research job opportunities, industries, companies, or any helpful topic of your choice.  This is to help you gain actionable information to jump-start your search.


  • Research assignments are customized according to individual need
  • Important information from the "Personal Data Sheet," resume, or other documentation is incorporated 
  • Findings are logged and shared
Personal BoardSM
Each Barn Raising participant will be able to take advantage of his/her very own "Personal Board."  This Personal Board is designed to assist the individual in identifying where he/she is; where he/she is trying to go; and, most important, to help by providing ideas, suggestions and strategies for alternative ways to get there.


  • A sample agenda is provided; however, this is customized to meet the needs of the individual
  • Board members can be a combination of members and non-members
  • A designated Board member will introduce the program and take summary notes
One-on-one AssistanceSM
Based on the needs and expertise of the individual members within Barn Raising, "One-on-one Assistance" is available to help each person continue on a path towards his/her career objective.  Topics could include resume and cover letter writing for those looking for employment, and marketing as well as business plan writing for those interested in starting their own business.  Participants are paired with another member of the group to identify and begin to address barriers that keep them from being successful.  This provides an additional level of coaching.


  • A list of member needs is determined
  • Individual expertise is identified
  • A summary sheet is prepared and distributed to members

One-on-One Professional AssistanceSM is also available for individuals who are not in the group program. Contact Us for details.

Third Party MarketingSM
Each member who is looking for employment will work with a designated person to prepare a Premiere Candidate PresentationSM which will be directed at companies on his/her behalf.  This headhunter/recruiter presentation will provide companies with the credentials of an outstanding candidate - You !  This approach can be tailored to presenting members who are starting a new business.


  • Members prepare a list of significant accomplishments as well as identify target jobs/companies
  • The Premiere Candidate PresentationSM is drafted
  • Calls/Contacts are made; feedback to the member is presented

Third Party MarketingSM is also available for individuals who are not in the group program. Contact Us for details.


At intervals in the training, we provide participants with some of the most important tools relevant to conducting a successful job search. Topics covered in the past have included: developing an effective network; creating a 30 second VIP presentation; and designing a Professional ProfileSM.


  • The needs of Barn Raising participants are identified.
  • Topices are selected and seminars scheduled.
  • Feedback is solicated in order to better meet the needs of the memebership.
Barn Raising ReceptionSM
The ultimate in “jump-starting” a job hunt or new business, the Barn- Raising™ Event takes networking to a whole new level. It represents the culmination of all the participant’s work to that point, and is the signature program of the Barn Raising seven-step process. During this event each member of the Barn Raising Group does a brief presentation. Guests are asked to offer something helpful to the job seeker. In this way, each Barn Raising Guest-of-Honor benefits from the networks of fellow participants, the suggestions and leads from the attendees, and leaves the event ready to start casting a wide net.


  • Invitations are sent to a combination of members and non-members
  • Barn Raising participants are the guests of honor and do a brief presentation
  • Guests at the “Barn Raising” are asked to do one (1) thing to help the guest of honor with his/her job search - it could be something big, like scheduling a meeting with someone they know, or small, such as sending an article or a piece of advice.

To register for a full Barn Raising™ program, complete the registration form for a Barn Raising program in your areaSomeone from Barn Raising™ will contact you.

For individuals who do not have access to a Barn Raising program near them, personal career services, such as One-on-one Assistance and Third Party Marketing can be arranged on a very limited basis.  Contact us to inquire about availability
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